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When do you feel good?

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When do you feel good?

This week, I would like to focus on the contributing factors to feeling good. This involves several aspects such as, physical, social, financial, and spiritual. If you struggle with ongoing pain (i.e. back pain, knee pain, headaches) or physical limitations (i.e. inability to run due to weight or breathing issue) can you feel good?  If you have a limited social network or have a limited income, can you feel good? Do you have to be spiritual to feel good?

Often times we point to such factors as reasons we don’t feel good and perhaps believe we can’t feel good.  One of the factors I did not mention is cognitive.  If you think you “have to” have all of these factors to feel good, you limit your chances of actually feeling good. Life rarely stays the same. Therefore we cannot depend on anything “always” being the case.  If you are an active and physical person and rely solely on such physical activity to “make you” feel good, what happens if you get injured? This would be All-or-Nothing thinking. When we think this way, we walk a very fine line.  Any mis-step off the line can cause us to feel bad.

In order to feel good, we need to realize that there will be times we feel bad.  Since life is ever changing, we need to be flexible and balanced.  By balanced I mean we need a little bit of the various factors that contribute to you feeling good.  If we rely only on one or two areas, we lessen our chances.

How balanced are you in the areas I’ve mentioned? What other areas would you include in contributing factors to feeling good?

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