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What kind of day are you going to have?

Hi Everyone,

What have you been doing to feel good?

In a few weeks we will be starting a new year. Around this time we generally start looking back on what our year was like. We also start thinking about new year’s resolutions and goals. May I suggest not waiting until January 1st?

Every day is a new day. What if each day we lived fully. I am not suggesting to live each day like it’s your last per se. What I mean is that no matter what your yesterday was like, today can be your best day yet. Actually, every day can be your best day. A key to making this happen is your perspective or attitude.

When bad things happen, we often ask why? We may start to feel down, frustrated, picked on. If enough bad things happen, we may start to think and eventually believe that we have bad luck or that good things just aren’t meant to happen to us. Sometimes we may view ourselves as broken, damaged and unable to heal or become whole. If you are struggling with any such negative thoughts and beliefs take a moment to think about how such a view impacts you.

Over the next 2-3 days, take some time to think about your thoughts. Perhaps write them down. Along with your thoughts, try to identify how you are feeling. After doing this for a few days see if there is any pattern. Chances are that as your thoughts are more positive, your feelings will also be more positive. Likewise, as your thoughts are more negative, your feelings will be more negative. Our thoughts and feelings can also impact our behaviors. If we think we can’t do something and we feel inadequate we will likely avoid doing something. Similarly, if we think we can do something and we feel competent, we are likely to pursue something.

You might be asking, “So you want us to just talk ourselves into something?” YES! I do. Think about it. We talk ourselves into everything. Whether we make that call, try something new or avoid doing something we have talked ourselves into it. We tend to do what we think. Even if others are encouraging us, if we believe we can’t, we generally don’t. It is our perception, thoughts and beliefs that have the ultimate say over what we do.

This is not always so black and white. We can have doubts and still try things. I believe that the reason we end up trying is because we come to the conclusion that we CAN try.

When you think about making today your best day, identify some reasons to try. Develop an argument for trying. Make it a compelling argument. The stronger the argument, the stronger your belief in it will be.

What kind of day are you going to have?

Best Regards,

~ Dr. Lou

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