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Hello everyone,

Several of you have asked, “When are you going to write another blog?” I apologize for the sabbatical. It is certainly a difficult adjustment when you get used to something and then it’s no longer there. I’ve been adjusting to that myself in the last month. I realized that time is an important factor. With time things change, especially one’s perspective and feelings. But it’s not just time that creates the change. We get to be active participants. Each day, we wake up and can decide what we want to do that day and how we will do it. We can do things begrudgingly or with a smile. We can sit and not decide (which is deciding to sit). We can ask for help in deciding what to do and in what order. We can do somethings and not others. Or we can do somethings now and some things later. We can complain that no one is helping or doing it the way we want or we can appreciate the time and effort others offer no matter how small we believe it to be. Flexibility is another key ingredient to change. Without flexibility we tend to have rigidity. Keep in mind that things that are tense usually break easier than things that are flexible. When we are flexible we are easier to get along with. When we are flexible life is easier. When we are flexible more people usually like us. When we are flexible, we are more likely to accept changes with greater ease.

When life changes on you, how do you handle it? Are you rigid or flexible? Do you allow for time to be on your side or do you demand that things happen right now? Are you active in moving forward and embracing change or do you cling to the past?

No matter what life presents, you get to decide how you will handle it.

Talk to you soon.


~ Dr. Lou

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