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Hello everyone,

What has been going well this week? As you know I ask this or a similar question to start each of my blogs. I really do ask it so you can think about it and answer it.

In my requests for asking you what questions you would like me to answer in my blogs, one involved wanting to hear about success stories. Quite ironically and without request, I have had a few people recently write to me about just that. Here is one of them.

Hello Dr Lou,
I wanted to say hello and to let you know how I am doing.

It has been a year since my time spent with you at the Light Program.

I still look forward to every support email you send.

I am doing quite well. I kept all my notes from our sessions and read your book over again quite often. I refer to them when I need help. I have good days and some challenging days. I am able to get up in the mornings and stay out of bed!!!! I
keep to a schedule for each day. I started working out at the local YMCA every morning doing Spin classes and weight/ resistance training. I am amazed how exercise helps me to feel great mentally. The physical changes are wonderful too.

I feel good about my progress and feel so much stronger.
The Light Program changed my life!! I have the tools I need to face my challenges and remind me of the focus I need to be well. I still get lost and depressed and struggle. I think I have more good days than bad days.¬† I have learned to accept myself, my strengths and forgive myself my weaknesses. I know I am not defined by my depression and anxieties. I am kinder to myself. I ask myself each morning ” how do I want to feel today? How can I make that happen? Are my thoughts positive, self loving, realistic and in the present moment?”
I am stronger than I was a year ago. I am in a better place. Thank you for your guidance. Keep the emails coming. They really do help!

Thank you Trish. It feels great to hear how wonderful you are doing and thanks for letting me share your remarks. It will make a difference for others.

If anyone would like share their success stories and accomplishments, please email me. Others would love to hear.

Best regards,

~ Dr. Lou

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