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Many of us struggle with stress, anxiety and self-confidence among other things. Sometimes we just need a sounding board or for someone to let you know, “You’re Okay”. Perhaps you need to gain a different perspective or guidance to see the bigger picture.  I will help you identify your options and figure out the answers to important decisions.  I will provide you the encouragement you need.  Together, we will develop a step-by-step plan for you to pursue and achieve YOUR goals.

Personal Coaching with me will help you to develop new thinking styles and behaviors, which will promote personal and/or professional growth.  As your personal coach, I will help you develop hope and direction.  I will help you figure out how to handle personal or professional relationship struggles, career decisions, personal health strategies and much more.

Our time together will not be limited to an office setting. Although we can meet in my office we can also meet in the community like at a gym, a coffee house, or restaurant.  Our work together won’t be limited to in-person meetings.  Sometimes all you may need is that extra time and encouragement that a brief conversation with someone who cares can provide. Therefore, phone calls, texts and emails can also be part of personal coaching.

~ To start having me as YOUR Personal Coach, email or call me today!                           Your initial 30 minute consultation is free! 

Please be aware that Personal Coaching is not a substitute for therapy/counseling services.