What do you think?

Hello Everyone, What has been the best moment you have experienced in the past week?   Try to describe in as much detail.  What made it so good?  If this is difficult to do, perhaps it is due in part to your perspective. Abraham Lincoln said, “If you think you are right, or you think you are wrong, you are right.”.  I totally agree.  Take the snow and cold weather those of us in Southeastern PA have had recently.  For me, it is frigid.  I can’t wait for spring time.  Now some of you from Alaska or even Wisconsin might…

What do you do when the struggles outweigh the positives?

Hi Everyone, What has been going well in the last few days?  I hope you are focusing on the positives in your life more than the struggles? What do you do, however,  when the struggles outweigh the positives?  Life can certainly present challenges.  Some events are much hard to manage.  Certainly getting a bad grade or evaluation is not good.  Most of us would agree that getting a diagnosis of cancer is much worse.  Although things don’t have to be life threatening to feel like the end of the world.  What about when you get the flu, your car gets…

Who are you?

Hello Everyone, I hope your New Year is starting out well.  With each new year, there is a lot of focus on resolutions and goals.  Many people will vow to start a diet, exercise, give up drinking, smoking, cursing.  People will pledge to be better in some way.  All of this is very good and makes sense.  It is a positive! Just like we can get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and miss the point to the holidays we celebrate, so too can we get lost in pursuing our future goals and resolutions.  I would…

What if a miracle happened?

Hello Everyone, Can you believe that Christmas is next week?  I know that some of you are Christian and some of you are not.  I also know that for some of you, Christmas is a time of joy and celebration.  For some of you, it is a time of sorrow, anger and pain.  For a moment, I’d like you to think about the idea of Christmas.  Now I’m not trying to convert anyone and I am not trying to spark a religious debate so just stay with me.  Christmas represents many things.  The most fundamental aspect is the celebration that…

Decisions, decisions, and more decisions?

Hi Everyone, What was the best part of this past week? If I were to ask a different question such as, “How was your week?” would you focus on the positives or the negatives? My dog ran down the street and we had to chase him. He enjoyed it. Us, not so much. I just started back to work and a snow storm hits, keeping me on the couch yet another day! These crutches are really inconvenient. I can’t put up my Christmas lights. Sleeping remains a challenge. Or, I am off the pain meds. I can get a shower….

What’s your plan for the holidays?

Hello Everyone, What made you smile lately? I will give you an update on how my leg is doing but first let’s talk about the holidays.  They come every year!  They can be times you look forward to or perhaps times you just want to get through.  Perhaps you wish you could skip them all together.  What is the reason(s)?  If you are not looking forward to the holidays, try to identify what you don’t want to experience.  Perhaps it has to do with seeing a relative you don’t like, appreciate or would straight up prefer to never see again….

When life seems to be getting worse – November 26th continued

Hello everyone, Do you know anyone that seems to always have things go their way?  Often, people perceive me as one of those individuals where everything seems to just work out.  Yesterday I wrote about breaking my leg.  The purpose was to demonstrate that I too have struggles.  Another purpose was to describe how you can apply the various strategies I teach to any difficult, stressful or overwhelming situation.  I ended yesterdays blog focusing, of course, on the progress and what was going well.  As life typically unfolds, there are ups and downs.  This is true for everyone, even me….

When life isn’t going your way.

Hi Everyone, Thanksgiving is almost here.  Last week I suggested we start to identify what we are thankful for as a way to increase our focus on the positives in our life.  I also mentioned that this can be rather difficult if things are not going well.  The following story is an attempt to demonstrate how you can manage when life is not going your way. At approximately 2:30 PM a neighbor places a call to 911.  “My neighbor has just fallen off a ladder from the second floor.  He’s conscious but can’t move.”  Once in the ER, they start…

Thank you!

Hello Everyone, Another week has gone past.  Another week to add more positives about your life!!  What are five things you liked about the past week? As you think about each positive in your life, what if  before each one you were to say, “I’m thankful for…”?  With Thanksgiving coming up, it’s only natural to start thinking of what we all have to be thankful for.  Sometimes when we are feeling depressed or overwhelmed by life, it is difficult to be thankful.  Typically when we are struggling to feel good, we are focused on what is bad in our lives….

Why let people in?

Hello everyone, What was the best thing that happened in the past week?  You can name more than one if you’d like. This week I would like to discuss the idea of support.  Why would you want people to help?  I understand that many times, letting people in can be scary.  Sometimes it can make things worse.  If we have enough negative experiences from people “helping us”, we might conclude that we are better off alone or without help.  Unfortunately, I would argue that we are social creatures by nature.  We need people in our lives.  Who we identify as…

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